What is Can We Talk, Fusspot?

This section of Fusspot is dedicated to you!  This is where you can come to talk about what’s been on your mind.  To get it out and off your chest.  No one can fix your problems, but knowing what someone else would do can help.  Most likely, you aren’t the only person going through this.  You’ll find support, encouragement, and advice here.  But you might find that you’re helping someone else without ever meaning to. 

How can I post on Can We Talk?

It’s easy to post on Can We Talk!  Just write your problem like you’re telling a story.  Give us details so we can really understand how you’re feeling.  There is no word limit, but anywhere from about 300 to 700 words is pretty good.  Give it a title, and let me know if you want to post anonymously, like most do, or if you want to use your name.  Then just email it to me at imfusspot@gmail.com.

Can anyone post here?

You don’t have to have a blog or anything.  You don’t have to join or be a member, either.  This place is welcome to everyone.  Just try to return the favor and comment on other posts. 

We all have problems, and they all seem huge.  The sooner you get it off your chest, the better you’ll feel.

Are you secretly writing these posts yourself?

Don’t worry… I haven’t posted here.  I might someday, but at this point, all of the stories you’ll find here are from other people.  I appreciate all the concern for my well being, but really, it’s not me.


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