Posted by: Wendy | January 10, 2009

Adult Child Support

Posted by: Anonymous

Boy do I want to talk! Ok..I will try to be brief. I live in florida, my step children live in New Jersey. My husband & I tried to emancipate my stepdaughter (his kid) but were denied. New Jersey doesn’t believe that if you are unemployed and going to lose your house, thats still no excuse for not paying child support. (she is in her 2nd or 3rd yr of college) She found out about it and was furious at us. She said in an email to me that not having money is” no excuse” and that it felt like a slap in the face to her. She even went so far as to say that we should have discussed it with her. IS SHE KIDDING ME?? I told her that we didn’t feel it was necessary to discuss our financial situation with her. We were trying to free up $334 per month to pay our mortgage. What doesn’t she get? I know if it were my son (who is now 27) he would absolutley without a doubt understand and be compassionate about it. She is the most selfish young lady I have ever met. (gee ya think I’m a little bitter?) Tell me what you think?

In New Jersey there is no age cut off for child support.  As long as the child is in college they will receive it.



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  2. What kind of repercussions would there be for not paying? She sounds like an ungrateful little git.

  3. I’m sure you’re under a lot of stress and pressure worrying about the house. But try to look at it from her point of view. Is she the one who receives the child support? If so, she may have been upset because she felt that you two were taking it from her?

    It was a good idea to try to stop paying it, since she *is* an adult, but she probably wouldn’t have been so upset if she had known about it first. You’re right, you don’t have to discuss your finances with her. And I’m sure it might be embarrassing to you, but some things are shocking to hear from someone else.

    Maybe she felt that you don’t care for her and that’s why you did it?

  4. First, she doesn’t care about our situation because in an email back to me she wrote”I know he doesn’t have any money but that is no excuse”. The child support I think goes directly into her bank account (direct deposit) It used to go to her mom, but I think it now goes to my stepdaughter. The repercussion would be that once you get over a certain amount in arrears they can take your drivers license away. We will never let it get that way. On the weeks that my husband has not made any sales therefore no check, I take it out of my paycheck-I work part time (less than 15 hrs a week) or I will take it out of my unemployment and send it in. Its a lose-lose situation until she either graduates, or quits school. I know she will not do the latter. Its ok though, what goes around comes around.

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